How Do Parties Now Prove Their Case?

19 May
08:30 - 10:00

Saying it is one thing, proving it another. This session, by Professor Stavros Brekoulakis of Queen Mary University of London and Marion Smith KC, Melissa Shipley, Nicholas Higgs and James Bradford of 39 Essex Chambers, considers evidentiary issues in arbitration, including: 

•    Are witness statements worth the time and money?
•    What makes a witness credible? 
•    When is pleading and proof by sampling/extrapolation appropriate? How can it be done without prejudicing enforcement?
•    How can expert evidence be deployed effectively?


8:30 am Registration and arrivals (tea, coffee & breakfast)

9:00 am Start

9:45 am Close (with coffee and refreshments available for networking until 11:00am)

This event is hosted by: 39 Essex Chambers and QMUL