Expert evidence in construction ADR

18 May
09:30 - 14:00

This event is now fully booked. 


There will be four panels looking at the issues with expert evidence in construction mediations, adjudications, dispute boards and arbitrations.

Each panel comprises leading lawyers , experts and tribunal members who will discuss how they and the forums have adapted to the changing world.

LIDW  Members hosting the event:

Supporting oganisations:

UK Adjudicators

4 New Square

Brick Court


Adam Robb KC 39 Essex
Adrian Bell CMS
Aileen Brown  CMS
Ben Patten KC 4 New Square
David Dearman Ankura
David Sawtell 39 Essex
Derek Egan Hanscomb Intercontinental
Iain Aitchison  Ankura
Jay Randhawa  CMS
John Kernaghan Hanscomb Intercontinental
Jonathan Acton Davis KC  Atkin Chambers
Matthew Finn Ankura
Michael Blackburne  Michael Blackburne 
Paul Darling KC 39 Essex
Rupert Choat KC  Atkin Chambers
Sarah Mather  CMS
Sean Gibbs Hanscomb Intercontinental
Sir Robert Akenhead Atkin Chambers
Steven Walker KC Atkin Chambers
Tom Francis Ankura
William Wood KC Brick Court Chambers



Sorry, this event is now full